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To provide access to conveniently sustainable medicine to everyone


Hera Health Solutions is developing an innovative biodegradable drug delivery implant. Our combination of material composition and manufacturing processes aim to revolutionize long-acting drug delivery. Here at Hera Health Solutions, we recognize the fact that not everyone has access to quality healthcare. As a team of biomedical engineers originating from the Georgia Institute of Technology, we have made it our mission to provide a solution.


After traveling across the United States, asking about real problems both patients and doctors face on a normal basis, we identified a huge universal issue. Offering quality medication over long periods of time is often times troublesome. One way to combat this is to provide patients with an implant so that they can receive continual care. No more do you need to worry about taking daily treatments. However, there is a problem with this solution.


Today, millions of Americans receive a treatment or hormonal drug via long-term subcutaneous arm implants. These implants, however, once they reach the end of their lifespan, must be removed and complications quickly arise. Not only are these procedures expensive, but they leave behind heavy bruising and scarring. Some even require an operation for removal. There must be a better way!


We have set out to find a true and sustainable solution. Our patent-pending technology aims to completely eliminate the painful, risky, and costly process of removing current drug implants. No more stressing over strict pill regimes OR removing implants! Our Team and Advisory Board carry decades of experience in biomedical engineering, drug delivery, design, manufacturing, and commercialization, and we are passionate about bringing innovation to healthcare. Join us on our journey as we redefine long acting drug delivery - healthcare should not be a pain!

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