• Eucontra is an implant that resorbs into the body as the generic contraceptive hormone is released.

  • Eucontra's unique material makeup aims to eliminate the costly and painful removal procedure of current contraceptive arm implants to provide women with a safe and effective solution for contraception.

“An implant like Eucontra that eliminates the removal procedure, is the next big step in making LARCs available and accessible to the masses”

Director of Family Planning, unnamed NGO

Memphis, TN

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Let's face it. Contraception is sometimes a sensitive conversation. When we think of contraceptives in the US, we immediately think about condoms or the birth control pill. However as societal timelines of family planning are changing, more people are looking to switch to longer acting reversible contraceptive options (LARCs). There is an estimated 25% increase in the LARC industry by the year 2021. The arm implant is a small matchstick sized rod that is injected subcutaneously in the arm and the device elutes birth control for up to 3 years. However, the current long acting implantable contraceptive on the market need to be removed through an invasive procedure which can cost up to $300 and has resulted in complications that include heavy bruising, scarring, and migration of the implant. “I prescribe the implant due to its effectiveness, but the current removal procedure associated with the arm implant is excruciating, I have at least 4 of my patients end up in the operating room each year to locate and remove the implant. There needs to be a better technology out there, and this is the answer.”

Unfortunately, this problem area is so much more prevalent in other nations. In areas of the world with limited access to healthcare and intrauterine insertive methods like the IUD are not permissible, the Long Acting Contraceptive Arm Implant serves as the ONLY form of contraception that is available. Knowing this, well known NGOs buy and distribute the implant in millions of quantities to developing nations, and in hindsight of this invasive and expensive process, are actively looking for better solutions.

Hera Health’s patent pending drug delivery device, Eucontra, combines biodegradable material from previously FDA approved products to deliver a safe, discreet, and long acting contraception option for women worldwide.

What is Eucontra?

Eucontra is a biodegradable contraceptive arm implant.

Why Eucontra?

I have at least 4 of my patients end up in the operating room each year to locate and remove the implant. There needs to be a better technology out there, and this is the answer.

OB GYN with over 20 years of experience

Livingston, NJ

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Disclaimer: Eucontra is not yet been cleared by the FDA. Hera Health Solutions is not offering for sale any medical device at this time. 

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