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Hera Health Solutions featured in 'Exceptionally Average', a guide to entrepreneurship

Hera Health Solutions was recently interviewed and featured in Tian Shi’s new book: Exceptionally Average. The book is a collection of stories featuring inspiring entrepreneurs who used innovation to help them unlock their full potential. By marrying their personal passions with their professional aspirations, these entrepreneur’s inspiring life stories and insights illuminate what it takes to become a successful founder. For those interested in entrepreneurship, starting a business, or looking for a good read, this book is for you. Have a sneak peek below:

What is success?

For Idicula Mathew, CEO and founder of Hera Health Solutions, it means being the solution to the problem. Having been involved with a small family-run restaurant growing up, his entrepreneurial mindset allowed him to create a fulfilling career by positively impacting those around him.

But why entrepreneurship?

From the moment we’re born, most of us were shuttled into the traditional schooling system. We learned how to read and write, to read faster, and to write better as we grew to fancifully become the best at what we did. Our education system is focused on distributing the perceived skills needed by the economy to only strengthen the present workforce.

But this rigidity of select academic subjects removes the ability for schools to create innovators and leaders. We find a career, not a passion.

Yet what if we can let our interests dictate our careers? What if we step off the corporate path and become founders?

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I wanted to understand how today’s most exceptional young professionals use innovation to create fulfilling careers. I wrote a book to analyze an industry we’re hardly exposed to in academia. Through compiling the life stories of 20 successful entrepreneurs, I’ve set off to investigate what success looks like through the lens of entrepreneurship.

In Exceptionally Average: Through Their Eyes, explore how you can marry your own passions with your professional aspirations through entrepreneurship. Learn how Idicula Mathew founded Hera Health Solutions to positively impact his community using his unique skillset and intellectual curiosity. If you’ve ever questioned what you want to do with your life, or have seemingly unrelated passions that don’t fit together in established professions, this book is for you.


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