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Medicine has no limits: What is eDNA?

The possibilities of medicine and science are endless. Last year, scientists discovered microorganisms that have the capacity to hold memory, thus opening a portal of healthcare opportunity and discovery. Recently this past spring, researchers found that animal DNA could be collected from air sampling, called airDNA. airDNA or eDNA, environmental DNA, is a “one of the fastest developing tools for species biomonitoring and ecological research.” Today, eDNA is used for detection of endangered species, biosurveillance, and species occupancy studies. Both living and nonliving factors affect DNA shaping of such organisms which introduces the interconnectedness between all life on Earth. Deeper research and findings of DNA display how “everything is everywhere” and there is simply always a way to improve quality of life, quality of the planet, and overall survival and sustainability. Everyday humans find and share groundbreaking discoveries that allow scientists and the public to have a greater understanding of the world around us.

Basic knowledge says that DNA is collected from body fluids or stray hairs, but the natural push for new eDNA research could positively affect many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals like Climate Action, Clear Water and Sanitation, and more. Health care and science based innovation, creation, and development constantly moves life forward. The cyclical nature of innovation to improvement brings life in full circle while connecting human life to animal life, agricultural life, and more. With no definite end point in a circle, the possibilities in medicine and health are quite literally endless. Hera Health Solutions makes large leaps and bounds to enter new markets and curate their first contraceptive product. Adopting this mentality of infinite possibilities and capabilities sets Hera Health apart from others: what is a stopping point for one is an opportunity for further discovery for Hera Health.


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