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How Hera Health Solutions Responds to Global Pandemic

(June 2020) - Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Hera Health Solutions is working hard to adapt to the new reality of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Connecting with leaders in the industry, our team has been building strategies and innovations to help reshape the new ‘normal’ in healthcare. There is no doubt that this pandemic has reshaped the medical infrastructure. The world has shown a renewed need for more sustainable long acting medications more than ever before as dependable and easy access to healthcare centers has diminished globally. As an innovative pharmaceutical devices startup, we are looking forward to co-work to the successful implementation of the new transformation.

With an undeniable number of uncertainties, we are aware that the future will hold a new reality for pharmaceuticals and healthcare. This new normal requires contributions that involve the entire industry. As the pandemic has limited hospital and physician resources, the new demand for contactless medications and healthcare has emerged. Patients and users are needing more sustainable and efficient contactless medications.

The Hera Health Solutions’ team is doing all that we can to tackle this new world together. The ability to adapt during challenging situations has proven to be one of our strengths amidst this crisis. We can proudly say that we have switched over to a remote platform in order to continue our work uninterrupted. This smooth transition has allowed us to keep on paving the way for innovative long-acting drug delivery.


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